Get TikTok creators and influencers to use your song

Going Viral on TikTok is the easiest way to reach millions and build a fanbase

Tailored Campaigns

We offer a high-quality, personalised service, tailoring each campaign to your individual needs. Songs that can become viral on TikTok are not limited by genres or moods; any good song has the potential of popping off and driving traffic to your other channels. No matter what type of music you make, whether that’s hip-hop, pop or house, we can ensure that it reaches the right influencers, and in turn, the right ears and target audience.

Vast network of influencers

Our team is always expanding our massive network of TikTok influencers and creators of all sizes and niches. We regularly monitor their profiles to ensure their engagement and growth is consistent. That way, when our young creators use your song for a challenge, we know it will have the best possible success rate. Most importantly for us is your success as an artist, which is why we make sure all trends and videos we are involved with look and feel organic.

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Thousands of teenagers dancing to your music

Why TikTok?

As of January 2020, TikTok is the most downloaded app on both the App Store and Google Play, growing way faster than any other app right now. With 800 million active users worldwide, TikTok’s algorithm favours content quality over existing fan base, so anyone can go viral overnight with a good video. Furthermore, it’s a phenomenal means of discovery that has moved in to a place that Vine never did, with more A-list celebrities on board than ever. A genuine way to cut through the noise, TikTok is officially one of the top platforms that labels are now looking at and assessing when it comes to artists’ followers and deciding whether or not to sign them.

How does it work work?

We promote your song by sending it to relevant TikTok influencers based on the song’s genre, and the target audience that the artist is wanting to reach. The influencers then use your song in a unique and creative way in their video(s), where new audiences soon discover you and become fans.

Achieving Virality

TikTok is largely driving by users following trends by jumping on “challenges.” This means that if a challenge starts trending, everyone will begin using the same song in their videos as they create the challenge. If your song goes viral on Tiktok, the exposure and brand awareness can be exponential, with fans looking for you on Youtube, Spotify and even Facebook and Instagram. A lot of people ask us about the best way to grow on Spotify’s algorithmic playlists. Oddly enough, one of the best and newest ways is to achieve virality on TikTok, a tried and true method of driving new streams.

Submit Your Music

Submission Form Guidelines

  • Send us a link to the music you want us to consider for promotion
  • Let us know either your budget or  goal so we can get back to you with a custom offer
  • Also let us know if you have a verified TikTok artist profile and any challenge idea