5 Reasons Why Marketing Is Important for Musicians

We get it. You want to let your music do the talking. And if it’s catchy enough and replayable enough, it should naturally go viral and start climbing the charts, right?

Unfortunately, that’s not how today’s music landscape works.

You could have the catchiest melodies and the most banging basslines, but without the magic of promotional marketing, it’s incredibly hard to be heard.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to start marketing your music and your ‘brand’.

1. Promoting your music helps people find you

Many people still believe that talent alone is enough to get discovered on Youtube and Spotify, and booked at clubs and festivals.

Look, if your creating sounds as revolutionary as Skrillex once did, we salute you. But it won’t be enough. Take the EDM industry for example. There are more electronic music producers than ever before. Everyone and their cousin is a DJ these days. To really stand out, you need people that can pluck your music out of the sea of obscurity and into the right ears. Lots of right ears!

2. Promoting your music is necessary at every stage of your music journey

If you think ‘marketing’ is something you do only when you’re ready to release a new track or start a new tour, then think again.

Promoting your music is an ongoing process that requires you to engage with your fans at all times. Ask them questions, hold contests, involve them in the production of your next track. Building stronger connections with your listeners will create the urge for them to keep track of your upcoming hits!

3. Promoting your music helps build a loyal fanbase

By now, we all know the importance of social media presence. But you can’t stop at just uploading your music and posting about upcoming events.

So you’ve got a sweet looking online flyer about your next tour? Great. But what if fans have questions about the tour dates only to get nothing back? You’ve just missed a golden opportunity to build a stronger connection by not only answering their question but inviting them for a meet and greet backstage. In one simple reply, you have the power to create an even more loyal following. That’s the power of marketing.

4. Promoting your music is easier than you think

For many artists, marketing is often seen as being “too complicated” and “not for them”. But it’s really not. As you can see from the example above, you’ll be way ahead of the pack just by applying some basic principles – and you’ll have a whole lot of fun at the same time!

5. And you can make it even easier by not doing it yourself!

You’re an artist. That means you probably want to just focus on making quality music. And you can, because a reputable music marketing company will have all the important connections you need without having to start from scratch.